How do you cool your drinks quickly?

We all went through this situation: we invited some friends to the table and in the last moment we realized we did not have cold drinks. How do we fast-pour the beverages in order to be able to serve them at a suitable temperature and not to be a negligent host?

Necessary materials:

  • a vessel large enough to accommodate the drinks to be cooled, e.g. plastic bucket, refrigerated bag, luggage, etc. The thicker and better isolated the better
  • ice cubes
  • the water
  • salt

Fill halfway with water and ice a large enough pot to contain the drinks to be cooled. A half-ice half-ice mixture is most appropriate.

Put the drinks to be cooled in the water and ice pot.

Throw into ice-mixed water a couple of spoons of salt, if the pot has a higher volume, you can supplement this amount. For a 10 liter pot, about 100 grams of salt are required.

Wait 2-3 minutes. The beverage temperature should drop dramatically in a short time. To speed up the cooling process, the bottles or cans can be mixed with water and ice drinks.

The above instructions are intended especially for beverages that do not directly apply to ice (beer, wine) and must be cooled in the original package (bottles, boxes, etc.) for the other beverages, making it easier to add ice cubes directly in glass


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