Ice cubes

By identifying the key needs of our customers, we have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to provide comprehensive services that include both higher production standards than our competitors, but also focusing on the oiled distribution of manufactured products. Thus, Instant Ice ice cubes benefit from the best treatment, being produced in optimal conditions and subsequently distributed over time to customers or distribution partners in the country.

In the most recent statistics, over 85% of people consider water quality to be defining for their quality of life, explaining the exponential increase in bottled water consumption. This is also the case with ice cubes, the superior quality being possible only through a complex filtration and purification process.

The water used in the Instant Ice ice cube production process is drinking water from the public deepwater wells in the vicinity of Constanta. In the process of transforming it into ice cubes, the raw material used is subjected to a complete purification process designed to eliminate all impurities and to allow the production of crystalline ice cubes. The process is based on several steps, as follows:

  • Initial sedimentation filtration of more than 5 microns;
  • Filtering with granular activated carbon to remove chlorine and unpleasant odors;
  • Softening and demineralization with ion exchange resin filters in order to achieve an optimal PH;
  • Filtration through a reverse osmosis station that removes the organic or inorganic water load in 99.9% and is one of the best known water purification methods currently known;
  • Sterilization with ultraviolet light filters to remove possible existing microbes, bacteria or viruses.
  • At the end of this process there is a particularly pure microbiological and physico-chemical water, whose quality exceeds even those of bottled water. As a precursor to our work, we freeze this wate in an advanced process that removes the air from the formed cubes. The result is perfectly crystalline ice cubes that will melt slowly and will not in any way alter the quality of the drinks they serve.

This distinctive purity of Instant Ice ice is reflected in the transparent, crystalline and particularly clear appearance of ice cubes, as opposed to the white-and-white and matte appearance of ice cubes made from ordinary water. The ice produced by us meets stringent standards of food quality and safety and is checked by regular laboratory analyzes.

Since 2011, the Instant Ice Ice Factory has implemented the international ISO 22000 standard that specifies the requirements for a food safety management system. Obtaining the HACCP / ISO 22000 certification certification demonstrates to customers that we have implemented the techniques and requirements for complete food safety.

Advantages of HACCP / ISO 22000:

  • ensuring the hygienic quality of products (food safety),
  • reducing scrap produced at the factory and customer complaints,
  • loyalty to customers and employees in the company,
  • creating a competitive advantage through this HACCP certification,
  • extending the shelf life of products,
  • improving the image and credibility of the firm.

We still place a great emphasis on all these desiderata of product quality, because ice is considered a food and not a simple way to cool food, so it has to be treated as such.


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