Why ice?

Ice cube production, at first glance, seems to be an activity that anyone can do without the need for complex or superior technological equipment in terms of functionality.

What makes it possible to differentiate our products from ice cubes produced with classic ice machines or freezing in molds in a coagulator is the quality of the raw material used. The water is subjected to a complete purification process that allows the elimination of impurities and guarantees the production of superior quality products, optimal for use both for personal use, for domestic, industrial, food or Horeca businesses.



The packed ice is of a superior quality to that obtained in the refrigerator or by means of an ice machine using a direct connection to water from the public grid. The raw material used in our factory is subjected to a rigorous treatment and purification process, resulting in crystalline ice cubes, which are distinguished by a well defined shape and a clear, impure composition.


We differentiate ourselves from the rest of ice makers and suppliers by being able to handle customized every order we receive. The ice is available in any desired quantity, and the company is not conditioned by the refrigerator freezing capacity or the ice maker's production capacity. In the same way, we can treat each order separately, ensuring the full ice requirements for each of our customers.


We are fully committed to our work and focusing on the quality of our services, both from the product's perspective and in terms of work system and availability for order picking. Most of our customers do not have the time, knowledge, equipment or patience to produce their own ice cubes, for many it's simpler and more convenient to buy.


Drinks and food cool down immediately when ice is used, making a major difference between them and those cooled in the refrigerators, are finally available at a temperature suitable for consumption after just a few hours. Ice cubes streamline their cooling process, shortening waiting times to a minimum, making it an ideal choice for parties as well as for industrial use, especially in cafes, bars or restaurants.


By identifying the key needs of our customers, we have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to provide comprehensive services that include both higher production standards than our competitors, but also focusing on the oiled distribution of manufactured products. Thus, Instant Ice ice cubes benefit from the best treatment, being produced in optimal conditions and subsequently distributed over time to customers or distribution partners in the country.


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