Are you preparing a party and need help with the amount of ice you need?


Estimates about 0.5kg of ice per person. For example, a party of 100 people will need about 50kg of ice. The amount needed depends on the type of drinks served, the consumption of people and the climatic conditions, but a good host of a party should never be left without ice.


Cooling beverages is done in large pots, using 10 kilograms of ice on a 30 liter pot. Put the beverages (beer, juice, champagne, wine) into the bowl in ice-covered layers, then fill with 10-15 liters of water. To speed up cooling, you can add about 300g of salt to this pot.


  • Ice is a food, so make sure the containers you store are clean and disinfected
  • When temperatures are high, make sure you have at least one extra bag of ice at your fingertips
  • Handling the cubes is done using a rack or pliers, never with bare hands
  • For drinks prepared in the blender, always use the recommended amount in the recipe
  • Make sure the blender is cleaned and disinfected and add ice cubes using special equipment


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