How much ice do I need for my event?

It depends on the nature of the event, temperature, served drinks, or a number of other external factors that determine the specifics of your party. A simple rule is to consider about half a kilo of ice for each participating guest. 


What is the minimum ice order you accept?

We charge minimal orders with a capacity of 60kg of ice (30 bags of 2kg). If you need smaller quantities, call us and we will guide you to the nearest point of sale where you can buy ice in the desired quantity through our regional partners and distributors.


What is the delivery term of the order I made?
Depending on the specifics of the order, delivery information, and other aspects of the order, it will be delivered one day after the order is processed by our company. It's ideal to make the order the day before you need the product, but under certain conditions delivery will be done on the same day. These details are established following a conversation between our representative and the client, by mutual agreement, based on a telephone conversation.

What are the recommendations on how to keep it?
The ice is best stored in a freezer. If you do not have a freezer, a cool bag in which the ice can sit for a few hours without melting.

What is the raw material used for ice cubes?
The water we use to produce ice cubes comes from deep-sea springs near the city of Constanta. Before being transformed into ice, water is passed through a complex multi-step purification process that culminates in reverse osmosis filtration and ultraviolet sterilization.

How many ice packs are in a freezer?
Depends on the size of the freezer you have. For example, in a 200 liter freezer, 100 kg of ice, ie 50 bags of 2 kg, comes in. It is worth mentioning that in an ordinary refrigerator freezer two 2-3 bags of ice come in.

Why buy ice when I can cook it myself using the freezer?
For the same reason you buy flat water and do not drink tap water, more precisely for the water quality of the ice. The ice cubes made at home in the freezer usually use tap water containing impurities and which can pick up odors from the other food in the freezer.

What quality standards are used for making ice cubes?
The Instant ICE Ice Factory currently implements the ISO 22000: 2005 quality and food safety management standard.


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