Things to know about ice from cocktails

In modern cocktails, ice is doubtless one of the most important ingredients. This statement may seem a bit dangerous, but there are very few drinks that do not need ice in one form or another, ice forming part of the cocktail culture since 1800.

We have been taught over the years that a pure water source helps to get a good beer or alcohol. So add a good beverage to the good ice as ice does not make sense.

Below are a couple of things to look for when using ice in cocktails

1. The water and alcohol content and temperature are the key to getting a good cocktail

2. The more transparent the ice is, the better it is because it indicates its purity. White opaque ice forms when water contains impurities or oxygen bubbles trapped in its structure. Air bubbles will make the ice not dense and melt easily and the impurities will alter the taste of the cooled drinks with so many impurities

3. Shaking and Stirring Water can be between 15% -25% of the final cocktail volume. By approximating the total alcohol volume, we can appreciate the amount of ice you need for each type of cocktail you make.

4. Try to use the appropriate type of ice for each drink. Long pieces can be used for long drinks, big cubes go well with "Old fashioned" and broken ice is especially

Keep ice cold and do not let it sweat. Using ice from a barber who stood outside the refrigerator for more than an hour will cause it to melt quickly and dilute the beverages. Well-frozen cubes will cool the drinks for longer without spoiling them. Keep the cubes in the freezer if you do not use them immediately.

6. The ice produced at home in the freezer even if purified water is used may look white opaque because of the way it freezes. The ice produced by specialized factories is of good quality mainly due to the purification processes used, but also to the dynamic mode of freezing of water.

7. Ice is for the bartender exactly what the fire is for the cook


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